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Great to still be active in general aviation where I was raised. First flew off a grass strip in Derby, KS, completed my private with McClellan Aero Club. McClellan AFB has closed but is now a reliever airport in the Sacramento area. I’d offer up my many years of expertise as a CFI, former FAA Inspector, once the rotorcraft POC @ 800 Independence and have first hand insights about rule making, exemptions and advisory circular development. I’m presently working with a PPL guy for his tail wheel transition and a student pilot that ran out of $$$ 20 years ago and is completing it with me. First private pilot I’ve had in over 40 years, so he’s challenging me! I was employed @ FSI for training, evaluation and 135 checking in TC690, CE650 and CE560XL. I was part of a wind shear project also. Lots of experiences and aviation stories (some war stories too) - spent 9 years flying into and out of paradise in southeast.