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I too took a long break from flying when i had kids,,etc etc. etc.  Ive been back at it  for a few years. Now in my 60's , and after some effort, i have to admit that although i lost a few years of having a bird , the effort to come back was 1000% worth it. If you have ever stepped away it is worth the effort to come back . I pormise that when you step back into avIation ( im about a 1000 hr pilot ) that first flight on your own will feel like your first solo......worth every once of ...
Hey everyone I am looking for some info on pre-retirement training.  I have my Commercial Rotory wing with instrment rating and looking for some ways to serve after  retire from the military.  I have heard of groups providing flights for families to see wounded soldiers, etc that simply need pilots to fly the missions.  I also want to get my fixed wing rating so I can volunteer and get my flying fix of course.  Currently I am looking for scholarships or programs that can help ...