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Once you are out of the surly bonds of earth and its gravity, which way is North?
As a kid I used to love planes.  I had models hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom, and I grew up near a large GA airport, Hayward, CA, as well as very close to Oakland Airport, so back then I would hang around the airports and get to know the guys in the tower.  They let me hang with them and watch as they worked.  I had visions of becoming a pilot, but then life got in the way.  Starting a family, having a career to support the family and so on put flying on the back burner. 

During the ...
No - seriously.

She read an article of how a 63 year old died while piloting an aircraft and the only reason they knew that happened is another pilot was in the plane and landed it.  So, now she is of the belief people my age, 65 should not fly.  Especially since commercial airline pilots can't fly for the airlines any more past 65.  Of course, we all know she is wrong. However. I guess that is what happens when you make assumptions based on beliefs and tidbits of information here ...

How does adhd medication affect flying?