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Hi,  I'm Sid H,

Looking to buy an aircraft, have a single engine rating w/instrument ticket, 700 hrs in 172s, PA28 180s, PA32s.  
Would like a faster plane because I like to do cross country flight. Mostly fly solo, occasional passenger or two.  Usually fly once or twice a month.  Live in Baltimore, MD., Fly out of Middle River, MD.   Looking at a Mooney or Bonanza platform.  Please provide your thought.  Pros/Cons, etc, Love Flying!!!
I have been out of flying for 18yrs. I left with my 3rd class medical and a private complex ticket. I currently am on Warfin and have had no issues. I am a police officer still and also pass my commercial drivers license medical every year. Anyone have advice on attempting to get my 3rd class medical back? I have an appointment with a new Cardiologist in June and would like to be prepared. I have all my surgical notes and pervious test. Any advice would be great. New Member and I ...
Hey guys, I'm 17, and I'm trying to get into a flight school (its tough to find one right now because I go to a Military Academy) I'm really interested in planes, and I play a lot of X-plane 11 (flying Commercials such as 757, MD-80, and 737), because of that, my mother said, "why not be a pilot" I said, "Good Idea!"
Right now I'm aiming to get a job for Delta airlines or American Airlines.
Am interested in purchasing my first plane, a tail wheel.  Have flown only Citabria however the Husky is appealing for a few reasons including useful load.  Anyone have comparative insight to share?  
Hi all.....My name is Gaspar, I'm from Clifton.