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With the filing of official complaints to the FAA, AOPA rolled out the next phase of its  ongoing effort to tackle egregious fees  charged by certain fixed-base operations around the country. The move comes after months of effort identifying the worst offenders and attempting to  work with local airport sponsors  receptive to ensuring their communities offer pilots reasonable access to their airfields, often described as the local on and off ramps to the National ...
I am a relatively new pilot with just over 80 hours flying. My comfort level is very conservative,meaning that I have set very high comfort levels for my flying, like wind speed, cross winds, airspace, etc.  

With regards to air space, I currently am not fully comfortable planning flights through an MOA and Class B, so I avoid them. Yes it causes my flights to sometimes be a little longer than if I went directly through them...but my comfort level is just not there yet. 

On on a ...
I am putting my hangar up for lease with multiple slots in Texas. Does anyone have a template of a lease agreement I can use? Thank You in advance.
I'm still a student pilot with ~35 hours. My question is this: how long did it take for you to feel confident in your landing skills? E.G. stabilized approach, not feeling behind the plane, not rounding out too high, etc. Also how often did you fly while a student pilot?
What do you use for datalink weather?
Check out this video about SiriusXM and ADS-B In/FIS-B for more information.