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Cornelius Cosentino posted new forum topic
Feb '21

Tampa, Florida  February 8, 2021


FEI - NASA demonstrated their Small AIRCRAFT Transportation System ( SATS ) at Danville airport, June 2005.

FASTA USA will demonstrate the Small Airports Transportation System - the SATS-NIFS in 2024 .


The Federal Air & Surface Transportation Alliance ( FASTA ) is continuing the program and invites all pilots, aviation managers, clubs, operators, organizations ... to join the FASTA Alliance to continue the basic NASA SATS vision ...

    I was departing  25 at Hatteras KHSE on a calm day in my Cherokee 235. An Osprey had landed on the start of the runway 25, then hovered for 3 minutes and departed at low level flight the entire  length of the runway turning left traffic out to the ocean. I back taxied 25 to depart to the west. Did mag checks before back taxi.  Turned around headed down 25 to fly home.  At between 60 to 80 feet I banked right to 270 degrees.  Instantly wake turbulence flipped left wing over to two ...
    Cornelius Cosentino posted new forum topic
    Dec '19
    We had the Gasparilla Air Force Flying club ... need a new flying club at POK/TPF airport 
    Please pass the word contact 813-784-4669 C/T 
    Hello all,

    Been gone for awhile, like many others life happens, but now I'm able to rejoin the ranks.  I have a beautiful 1979 Turbo Arrow IV, just got her a couple days ago.  She is hangared at KMYF.

    I've gotten most of the rust chipped off of me, flying like mad, and working on my CFI now.   I retired from SoCal TRACON a little over five years ago after 27+ years of probably talking to a lot of you, and now work for an aviation training company as a writer/producer/director for ...
    Cornelius Cosentino posted new forum topic
    May '18

    HOW TO SOLOS a STUDENT in approximately 

    6 hours 

    By using the VASI Lights to teach - 

    AOA Controls Airspeed and Throttle/Power Controls Vertical Velocity 


    KTPF airport, Davis Islands -Tampa, Florida 


    Another CFI joined me in the grass area between the runway and the taxiways, as we both watched my student solo. 


    I enjoyed smiling to him - the CFI who joined me - when on the second takeoff roll my student wave as he passed us halfway of his takeoff roll. 


    I smiled because ...