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I currently rent from my flying club and plan to purchase aircraft renters’ insurance. That would cover bodily injury, property damage and aircraft damage liability. I have a personal umbrella policy which excludes aircraft renal/use/etc. This appears to be the practice among all the major insurance carriers and they will not offer coverage for aircraft use (I called GEICO, Amica and checked a few others on line). I am wondering how other pilots are protecting their ...

Would like to share expenses for cross country. Interest South Eastern states. (instrument rated but not current) 

For me, it was DCA - Washington National. Back in the day (early 1990's), all you needed was a class B (or TCA) clearance to enter VFR. The same for departing.

On one particularly nice, but breezy spring day with the winds out of the east, I was cleared for takeoff on runway 3, maintain runway heading on climb out, until clear of P-56, then on course. On most days with a normal west wind, that clearance would take you just east of P-56. On this day, however, it was clear I would ...

Cornelius Cosentino posted new forum topic
Feb '21

Tampa, Florida  February 8, 2021


FEI - NASA demonstrated their Small AIRCRAFT Transportation System ( SATS ) at Danville airport, June 2005.

FASTA USA will demonstrate the Small Airports Transportation System - the SATS-NIFS in 2024 .


The Federal Air & Surface Transportation Alliance ( FASTA ) is continuing the program and invites all pilots, aviation managers, clubs, operators, organizations ... to join the FASTA Alliance to continue the basic NASA SATS vision ...