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Hey all,

I'm on the hunt for a flight school or cfi to pursue my PPL. I live just south of Seattle, about 10 minutes from both Boeing Field and Renton Muni.  I've visited both Galvin and Rainier Flight Services, the two big schools in the area, and each has some pros and cons in my limited opinion.

I'm hoping there might be someone here who has trained in the area and might be able to offer some guidance.

I couldn't find any recent posts on this topic.  Does anyone have an online ground school they really liked or disliked?

A few I've looked at:  

sporty's - . **Seems ok, but pretty dry***
fly8ma -  **I did the free version and it was enjoyable**
thefinerpoints -  - **brand new, from Jason Miller - I like his ...
So for context I am a student pilot with about 25 hours in a 2001 172SP, and I am 18 years old
My last flight training I have had was with my Instructor, who I really like.
The winds were around 15 gust 20 and were 60 degrees off of the runway heading, and I wanted to get some experience with crosswinds, we've done it before but my instructor had to do everything.
So it was a busy day in the pattern, and I did 2-3 touch n' go's in, the first two being a long and slow approach holding it above ...
If I filed a VFR flight plan do I also need VFR flight following?
I'd like to see AOPA lobby the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for an investigation into the Aviation Insurance industry to determine if price fixing and collusion is occurring.  With large price increases and very few competitors, it would appear this may likely be occurring.  I realize AOPA does itself generate income from selling aviation insurance, and therefore may be reluctant to push for action in an area contrary to its own financial interests.  However, I ...