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Keith Monteith posted new forum topic
Nov '20
I fly my Cardinal RG, largely only solo since the COVID pandemic started.  However, I also fly CAP C-182's and C-172's for mission crew training, and we follow the CAP guidance on flying with masks and sanitizing the aircraft before and after flights.  As the overall US rates of positive COVID tests have gone up dramatically in the last month, has there been any increase in getting a positive COVID test result that can be traced to sharing a cockpit with another pilot?  A CFI ...
It has been over 25 years since I have been in a GA plane except for starting my flight review (after 25 year lapse) in a Cessna.  I am considering purchasing a plane and am trying to do a little front end research. My question is what is it like to get into and out of a Piper Cherokee type.  I flew both 172's and Piper 180's 25 years ago but was a lot more nimble then. Right now, at 76 I am out of shape and stiff. My wife has physical difficulties and finds it difficult to get up out of a ...