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I've been using a Lightspeed Sierra ANR headset since I got my ticket in 2018 with good results. However, I've recently been diagnosed with minor to intermediate hearing loss in some high frequency ranges. My problem (including tinitus) dates back prior to flying, but it's getting worse and I want to do everything I can to keep what hearing I have (currently do not need hearing aids, but it's probably a couple of years out if I stay on this path).

Even with the Sierra headset ...

Here’s another way to have that $100 hamburger flight. Take a fold up bike and explore the bike trails near an airport. I have collected a list of airports with easy access to bike trails.  and I just made this Google Maps based version

Updates are welcomed. Enjoy.

Hi All,

I know it is unique to each application but does anyone have some general cost breakdown associated with becoming single pilot Part 135 certificate or resources (other than the FAA site) for someone considering this? Thanks all, blue skies!

Did you remember to update the registration during the transaction? Unlike 121.5 MHz ELT, 406 ELTs are registered with NOAA and this registration needs to be updated when the aircraft is transferred.

The website to update this information can be found here

Here's the information from NOAA's FAQ :


You'll also want to remember this is not a “one and done” operation. You'll need to renew the registration every 2 years. You'll also receive a new decal every time you renew ...

I have a place leased at my local airport ans I have enough space to build two 60x60 hangars with about 40' between them, or I can build three 60X60 hangars with joined walls. I will sell 2 of the 3 units. Has anyone seen joined hangars of this size in the past and can you please weigh in with your thoughts pro's and con's?