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Hello follow members. I'm new to this site as well as learning to fly. Having recently retired I'm moving forward on a dream I had little time for in my working life. Now, free of the day to day grind this old dog wants to learn a few new tricks. As of this point I have a grand total of 4 whole flight hours, impressive I know. I maybe wanting to move to quickly but I have been plowing the web for aircraft to buy. While I know generally you get what you pay for I still need to keep things ...
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I am new to the forums here but have been a pilot and an AOPA member for 26 years. I am also the drummer in a busy Eagles tribute band, Eaglemania, and have been fortunate to be able to travel around the country with the band. I decided to document these trips in my Piper Meridian because of the challenge of planning a flight when I HAVE to be somewhere. My Vlog goes through the planning and contingencies, the actual flying, and some about the band, where we play, and our fans.

Hello aviators! I am beyond thrilled to finally begin my journey, and join this amazing community of aviation enthusiast and pilots. My father flew in UH-1's in Vietnam and flying has always been a passion in our family. I remember in my younger years, I would always go to a local arcade after school and play on their flight sim game for hours. Sadly, like many others I thought aviation was to be a dream and something I would only admire from the ground. Not long ago, I ...
I am pursuing my instrument rating with plans to continue on with Commercial and CFI. I am semi retired but want to pursue aviation but no intent on the airlines. I have two good CFII both with good reputations available. One CFII (50 years experience) has a Stinson with electronic HSI/DG/DME and Garmin 796. I would receive Tailwheel endorsement in addition to the mentioned ratings. The other CFII (30+ Instrument students completed) has Cessna 172N with Garmin ...
Hey AOPA, does our organization still publish the Path to Aviation documents.  I'd like to use them with a Boy Scout troop.