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Jessie Hicks posted new forum topic
Oct '18
Hello everyone, I am a teacher who has recently joined the AOPA and EAA. I have a love of aviation that I should have pursued long ago. Listening to my father tell of his days in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic, I would devour his every word as he described some of the flights he would get to participate in. His squadron the WV1 was based at NAS Quam. Typhoon chasing in an EC-121 warning star seemed to the right next to walking on the moon. Needless to say, I have fond memories of him. ...
Hello Everyone,

I am a life-long airplane nerd. I have enjoyed plane watching and studying aircraft models and production since I was a little kid. I am currently working on collecting the entire "Jane's All the World's Aircraft" volumes, which has been adding fuel to my avgeek fire.

I am really excited because I was recently hired to be the COO of  so I can live my dream and passion of looking at all kinds of aircraft every day!

I have my student ...
As a kid I used to love planes.  I had models hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom, and I grew up near a large GA airport, Hayward, CA, as well as very close to Oakland Airport, so back then I would hang around the airports and get to know the guys in the tower.  They let me hang with them and watch as they worked.  I had visions of becoming a pilot, but then life got in the way.  Starting a family, having a career to support the family and so on put flying on the back burner. 

During the ...