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Gary Moore posted new forum topic
Sep '20
The BBC just released a huge archive of sound files - free for personal use.  There are hundreds of different airplane's pretty cool.
Gary Moore posted new forum topic
Aug '20
Gary Moore posted new forum topic
May '20
Say you're planning a really long flight in a slow airplane.  Something like Seattle to Dallas in a C-172.  Any creative ideas on how to carve that up into 2-3 hour legs - other than purely by trial and error :)
I am getting back into flying after a 20-year hiatus.  I am delighted with the tech advancements I'm seeing, especially because I embrace tech eagerly and feel it can enhance both safety and situational awareness for GA pilots (as long as one does not neglect VOR navigation in favour of what seems "easier").  Until I started to re-train, I had never flown with a GPS, moving map or autopilot.

I have a few fairly expensive decisions to make about adopting ForeFlight, so I hope ...
Gary Moore posted new forum topic
Feb '20
A 1979  Cessna 182Q with a vintage six-pack.  We're considering a complete avionics overhaul - something like a Garmin 3X dual screen with autopilot.  The Annual is also due in a couple of months.

Would you do the annual first and then send it to the avionics shop - or the other way around?