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As a Part 107 pilot and property manager, how to I get a waiver to fly in the DC-SFRA to do roof inspections, etc.

AOPA published an article on “Tips for Flying to Airventure”, which highlighted some changes this year. But I figured that there are plenty of pilots that have flown into OSH over the years that may also want to share their tips/experiences. Feel free to reply below with those. 

I would be interested in hearing people’s experiences flying with their dogs.

I have been flying a non-owned Remos (light sport), but the owner is ready to sell the plane. That means that I have some serious decisions to make. Buy that plane? Buy a different plane that could accommodate the family (for a lot more money?) “The family” consists of a reluctant husband and two Siberian huskies who travel well in the car.

How do people restrain their dogs? Crates wold be ideal, ...
Wanted to know what is the best iPad grip put out there in the market that would be good for a C172 or a PA128. I think that some will obstruct view to the instruments.

Thanks in advance
Has anyone run across a review or comparison of the various Android EFB products?  I'm trying to chose.  I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has one they like (or dislike) in particular.

And please - there are countless Apple vs Android articles out there - I've read a lot of them - we don't have to rehash that here....I'm only interested in Android products....