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Hi Everyone,

Im from the UK.

I have a UK PPL/A and TT aprox 5,000, Night, IMC, Multi.

I have visited the US many many times, and did all my hour building here years ago.

Right, this is what I want to do: I/R, Commercial, CFI and ATP. 

Q: Do I have to go to an approved flight school?

I'm going to Texas in July and want to get as much done as possible.


I plan to talk to my CFI about this as well but curious if anyone here has suggestions. My home airport has two crossing runways. Each runway end is elevated above the surrounding terrain. On two approaches there's a road within 200 feet of the runway and on the other two a small river about 100-200 feet off the end of the runway.

What I'm noticing is that I have a tendency to come in high on my approaches and that's resulting in me having to flair pretty hard which in turn means I'm ...

Hirokazu Inoue posted new forum topic
Jul '20
If an airplane is rented to a customer on month to month contract basis rather than hourly rate with minimum per month, is this considered as a rental or lease?  Is there a regulation that limits long-term rental?  If a plane is rented to someone for a month, is there a regulation or policy in loan or insurance that tells the operator to maintain the airplane's operational control (knowing where the airplane is, etc.)?  What's the line between lease & rent?  We're talking ...
Hirokazu Inoue posted new forum topic
Jul '20
When you finance an airplane with intent to operate it privately (pleasure & business), then later change the purpose of operation to commercial (lease back), are you required to report the change of purpose to the financing company?  I know these companies initially estimate how many hours the airplane flies/year and takes depreciation into consideration when they decide how much to put down & what the rate is.  I'm just comparing this to a house-- initially ...