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Hirokazu Inoue posted new forum topic
Jul '20
If an airplane is rented to a customer on month to month contract basis rather than hourly rate with minimum per month, is this considered as a rental or lease?  Is there a regulation that limits long-term rental?  If a plane is rented to someone for a month, is there a regulation or policy in loan or insurance that tells the operator to maintain the airplane's operational control (knowing where the airplane is, etc.)?  What's the line between lease & rent?  We're talking ...
Hirokazu Inoue posted new forum topic
Jul '20
When you finance an airplane with intent to operate it privately (pleasure & business), then later change the purpose of operation to commercial (lease back), are you required to report the change of purpose to the financing company?  I know these companies initially estimate how many hours the airplane flies/year and takes depreciation into consideration when they decide how much to put down & what the rate is.  I'm just comparing this to a house-- initially ...